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Archive for June 2010

PRO-TRUCKER is a premium diesel fuel additive that helps your engine pull every ounce of power out of every ounce of fuel. 

  • Provides critical lubrication when used with ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD)
  • Helps clean and maintain injector tips by preventing plugging
  • Improves fuel efficiency - insures proper fuel/air mixture
  • Reduces vehicle emissions
  • Ideal for enclosed or confined areas
  • Reduces fuel foaming, prevents hazardous fuel spillover and helps stabilize fuel for long-term storage
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    QUAFF instantly absorbs and gels water-based spills such as vomit, urine, plumbing leaks and other accidental spills. Keep handy in schools, restaurants, hotels, buses, nursing homes, hospitals, ambulances, nursery schools and camps.

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